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Health Care Reform & LOC

Health Care Reform & LOC
JK - Thu Apr 29, 2010 @ 02:22PM
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Here are some aspects of the Health Care Reform bill that will affect charity clinics.

Medicaid eligibility will expand to all individuals under 65 with incomes at or below 133% of the federal poverty level.

State-based American Health Benefit Exchanges will be created and credits will be available to individuals and families between 133 and 400% of the federal poverty level.

Despite the mandates, expansions to programs, and new incentives for coverage, the CBO estimates that roughly 23 million people will still be without health insurance coverage. Roughly 1/3 of this group will be undocumented immigrants. Roughly 2/3 will be individuals who are exempt from the mandate and cannot afford other options or make too much to qualify for Medicaid. The 2/3 also includes those who will qualify for coverage and will not enroll.

Implementation of most of the legislation will not begin until 2014 and will not be complete until 2019.

Free and charitable clinics will continue to provide health services to those who fall through the cracks and do not have coverage.

Free and charitable clinics will continue to need the support of their community: donations, volunteers and support services.

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